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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 3, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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doors last night. for many angry and frustrated americans, it looked like a promising step. >> abc's tahman bradley is joining us from washington with how those talks turned out. >> reporter: the good news is, all of the key players here in washington are talking again. the bad news, they're not any closer to striking a deal. the government shutdown enters a third day after a meeting between president obama and congressional leaders yielded no sign of progress. >> we are locked in tight on obama care. >> all we're asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the american people under obama care. >> reporter: president obama says he won't negotiate with republicans until they agree to fund the government with no strings attached. in an interview on cnbc, the president blames speaker boehner for the stalemate. >> the only thing that's stopping it is john boehner right now has not been willing to say no to a faction of the republican party that are willing to burn the house down because of an obsession over my
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health care initiative. >> reporter: outside washington, the shutdown is hurting hard-working americans. in ft. wayne, indiana, the reid family is awaiting final approval for an fha-backed mortgage. but the government employees who would sign off on the loan are furloughed. >> we're in this hotel for who knows how long. >> reporter: head start is beginning to shut down across the country. geraldine bryant's twin sons have no preschool again today. >> it's going to impact them in a big way, especially academically. as far as them not being in school. >> reporter: while social security checks are not affected by the shutdown. >> i wanted a social security card. >> reporter: social security offices reduced the number of services they provide. these people can forget about getting a new card for now. speaker boehner and house republicans believe these budget talks should include discussion about raising the debt ceiling. the deadline to do that is october 17th, meaning that these discussions -- the shutdown could go on for weeks.
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john and diana? >> tahman bradley in washington. thank you. the effects of a shutdown are being felt in ways big and small. programs like w.i.k., which provides moms money for formula, have been deemed nonessential. many state governments say they will continue the program. 70% of the nation's intelligence analysts have been furloughed. and the fda, all inspections on fruit, fish, postponed for now. millions of americans waiting for a tax refund will have to wait a while longer. the irs says no refunds will be issued under the shutdown until the shutdown is over. while most people have already filed their taxes, more than 12 million asked for a six-month extension. joe manchin got hands-on experience answering phones now that most of his office staff is on furlough. he got a good idea of the frustration and the fear that people are feeling. one tradition is getting a
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reprieve from the shutdown. u.s. academy football teams will play this weekend. army will travel to boston college. and air force will play at navy in annapolis. the athletic director at navy said the pentagon relented because no government funds are being used. stay with abc news for the latest. later on "good morning america," we'll have more on the nation less safe because of the shutdown. this morning's other big story, a terrible scene on a tennessee highway lasted into the night. >> a church bus blew a tire yesterday afternoon and triggered a deadly chain of events. i-40 near knoxville shut down for hours. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: victims and debris scattered along interstate 40 east of knoxville, tennessee. >> my 17 years, probably the most serious incident i've been a part of. >> reporter: at least eight people killed when a bus veered off the highway. crossing the median into oncoming traffic, hitting an suv with three people inside, then
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slamming into a tractor-trailer, which then burst into flames. the drivers of all three vehicles died. >> this is the first time i've seen it bother me this bad. and i've seen them all. so, i've cried. i've been here since 2:00 and aye cried. and i'll cry again. >> reporter: the other victims were members of a senior citizen's church group from north carolina, traveling on this packed bus back from gatlinburg, tennessee's, fall jubilee, a church festival they attended every year. >> we don't have the facts to give here. but there were several that went on to be with the lord. >> reporter: those who survived this horrifying scene were rushed to nearby hospitals. at least 14 people injured in all. and this crash investigators believe was caused by a blown front tire on the church's bus. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. attorneys for michael
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jackson's family are considering their legal options now that a jury has sided with the concert promoter that they are suing. katherine jackson and the star's children were seeking $1.5 billion from aeg live, claiming it was responsible for jackson's 2009 death. the jurors ruled yesterday that while the company hired dr. conrad murray, it is not liable for jackson's demise. >> the decision was reached after very careful consideration of five months of testimony. >> michael jackson was pretty used to getting his own way. he was a big star. >> murray was ruled to be fit and competent to serve as a general practitioner for jackson, as he prepared for concerts. now, he's finishing up his sentence for giving jackson an overdose of the drug propofol. and southwest airlines has fired the captain of a plane that landed nose-first at la guardia airport in july. he took control of the plane from the first officer suddenly when the plane was 400 feet
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above the runway. the nose gear snapped, 16 people were hurt. the first officer will keep his job but get additional training. fans morning the death of best-selling author tom clancy. his 25 novels included best-sellers and blockbusters. he downplayed his talent. he died tuesday after a brief illness. he was 66 years old. time, now, for weather across the country. a taste of summer in the northeast. but more like winter in the northern rockies, with heavy snow in the lower elevations tonight. showers and thunderstorms across much of the midwest. rain in the lower mississippi valley and southern florida. stray showers from western new york to west virginia. >> boston 74. atlanta, 84. miami, 88. omaha, 80. dallas, 91. albuquerque, 79. boise, 59. portland, 53. 72 in los angeles. a new opportunity for scammers. authorities say con artists are using obama care enrollment to
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trick people. new this morning, mysterious fire. new questions about the so-called safest car after a video went viral. plus, shot through the heart. a man survives a serious nail gun accident. he's explaining how this happened.
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welcome back. president obama has heard a loud, clear message from the heads of the top financial institutions. the leaders of goldman sachs, wells fargo and other megabanks expressed concern about the shutdown. but they told the president the biggest concern is the october 17th deadline for raising the nation's debt limit.
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they told the president failing to do that would be a brick wall on the road to recovery. major warning this morning about scammers and the affordable health care act. the better business bureau warning consumers about callers asking for personal information. they ask for social security numbers. if you get a call, hang up. the government communicates by mail. samsung has begun selling its smartwatch. the device is designed to help users check messages, answer calls. but joanne stern says it doesn't live up to the hype. >> the battery life isn't that good. it lasts a day and a half. the idea that you're constantly charging this watch doesn't make a lot of sense. on top of that, the software has a couple of bugs. the apps don't work that well. >> the galaxy gear retails for $300. all right. and burger king p.r. stunt seems to be working. there's a lot of social media
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buzz about the company's facebook page showing a new logo. this comes as the company rolls out their healthier french fries. fries king. >> i can almost live with that. >> i can live with that. >> fries and burger king. >> burger and fries king. >> there you go. >> burger, fries and shake king. >> that's a lot of words. when we come back, family feud. a radio icon at the center of a nasty fight. why casey kasem's children are protesting out in front of his house. who's your daddy? mia farrow drops a bombshell about who might be the father of her son. [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose...
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the gulf coast. >> if you're flying, landing in heavy rain can cause delays in minneapolis, new orleans and chicago. an astonishing story from san francisco. a young man is in custody accused of being an online drug kingpin with an operation that sold over $1 billion of narcotics. >> 29-year-old ross ulbricht charged with drug trafficking, computer hacking and money laundering. a second indictment accuses him of ordering people to be killed. he is accused of operating a hidden website called silk road. it was the drug world's equivalent of ebay, matching anonymous buyers and sellers. anyone could buy guns, ammo and forge documents through this website. "gma" will have details and comment from the fbi coming up later this morning. new york city police have made an arrest in the wild confrontation between motorcyclists and the driver of an suv. christopher cruz is charged with reckless driving for slowing down his motorcycle in front of a car, setting the violence in
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motion. later, the driver plowed through the bikers, critically injuring one of them before he was pulled from his car and injured. edwin miese in a coma with spinal injuries that may prevent him from walking again. organizers collected money for his family. and they hope to spread the message that biker clubs are not gangs. and the family wants the suv driver who hit him to be punished. shares of electric car company tesla could be under renewed pressure after fire destroyed one of its vehicles. the company says the fire started when a large object hit one of the car's battery pack modules. firefighters extinguished it, but then the flames re-ignited them, causing them to use a chemical extinguisher. tesla's stock dropped more than 6% yesterday after that video surfaced. minnesota man somehow managed to survive after shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun. take a look. eugene racco was building a deck when the 3 1/2-inch nail pierced
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his chest. he knew it wasn't good. he raced to his truck and called his wife. what was going through his mind? >> first, you are in disbelief, did i really do that? and then, you think, well, this is going to be serious. i've got to get in and get it taken care of. >> the nail came within two millimeters of a coronary artery. that man now has it as a souvenir. wow. >> oh, my lord. images are amazing. >> yeah. he has some major luck looking down on him that day. the children of former radio star casey kasem staged a protest outside of his l.a. home, saying his wife is preventing them from seeing him. casey's brother and friends joined in the protest. they say the former host of radio's top 40 countdown has parkinson's disease. and his second wife, jean, who played loretta on "cheers" is keeping him isolated.
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an emotional day in court for ty warner. he broke down crying as he admitted to keeping $24 million in secret swiss bank accounts. he apologized to the judge. said there was no excuse for his actions. he could face five years in prison. he is paying a $53 million fine. there could soon be another edition to another family. chelsea clinton tells "glamour" magazine, she and her husband have decided 2014 would be the year of the baby. chelsea says her mom asks about it every, single day. just like a mom would. >> sounds like mom. >> no pressure there, huh? >> not at all. time, now, for sports. a high-stakes baseball game in cleveland, win or the season is over. >> and a hockey fight boiled over to the benches between the coaches. here is neil everett at espn. >> good morning, america. i'm neil everett on the "sportscenter" desk in los angeles. the desk is a mess. you can't really see it. how's the hair, huh? let's check out the baseball
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playoffs. tampa bay at cleveland. loser goes home. winner goes to fenway park. gets a fenway frank. delmon young gets that pitch from danny salazar. first pitch swinging. top four, desmond jennings. with two on and two out. james loney scores easily. evan longoria, he's huffing and puffing. he comes in from first. and comfortable at 3-0. bottom nine, fernando rodney in to close. rodney chisenhall swinging. cleveland had a chance. left nine on base. the rays win 4-0. alex cobb, the winning pitcher. patrick roy made his nhl coaching debut, with one of his former teams, colorado. they were hosting the anaheim ducks. nathan mckinnon, youngest kid in the league. future face of the franchise, they hope. now, mckinnon took a shot from ben lovejoy late. and that led to this.
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and then, this happened after that. roy and bruce boudreau. good thing there was glass between them. what in the name of "good morning america" is going on there? we'll all find out together. >> all right. >> that was pretty good. now, some high-flying cheerleading is our "play of the day." this happened the last spring at daytona beach, florida. >> no matter what football game you are watching over the next few days, you won't see moves like this. they were college cheerleaders that competed in a national competition. then, they really put on a show. >> i love they flip and they're caught with one hand. >> that's crazy. >> easy. that's the kind of stuff that's not regulation in the relate competition. so, they go out back and do it all. it's good stuff to watch, though, huh? >> amazing. >> whoa. >> don't try that at home. coming up next, it's "the pulse." the softer side of howard stern. and a brave swimmer hops
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♪ and more, much more than this i did it my way ♪ good ole blue eyes for your thursday "pulse." beginning with who's your daddy? mia farrow dropped a bombshell in "vanity fair" magazine, saying her son, ronan farrow, may have been fathered by frank sinatra and not director woody allen. >> look at his face. he's 25. a former rhodes scholar. he changed his name from skachle. frank sinatra on the left. ronan on the right. yeah. you decide. >> that's not even one of the pictures where he looks most like the guy. there's pictures that are
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stunning. >> i'm convinced. howard stern reunited in the studio with his on-air partner after her battle with cancer. >> robin quivers underwent cancer treatment 17 months ago. and has been working from home since then. stern admitted there were times he thought his sidekick wouldn't make it. he grew emotional and said, i can never be without you again. your beautiful face and your smile. i'm really happy that you're here. a fisherman in florida, taking catch and release to a whole, new level. it's all caught on camera. he is hanging on to a 300-pound bull shark that's just been reeled in. >> when they released it, the shark didn't move. he moved some of the water over its gills. and eventually, that shark swam away. >> bull sharks are considered one of the most likely species to attack humans, along with great whites and tiger sharks. he did this guy a favor by not attacking him. [ female announcer ] take skincare to the next level
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checking our top stories. day three of the shutdown. high-level white house meetings last night, failing to resolve the crisis. and the spy chief warns that the shutdown could harm national intelligence, with 70% of analysts furloughed. a church bus veers into oncoming traffic killing at least eight people. the north carolina church group was returning home from a revival. a jury's verdict means the family of michael jackson will get nothing from aeg live. the jacksons had claimed the company was responsible for michael's death. looking at today's weather. clear and dry in the west. but a heavy snowstorm for the northern rockies. rain for much of the midwest and parts of the gulf coast. but it's going to stay nice and warm in the east, like we've been having for the last couple of days. finally, how to fill your days when you don't have your usual job to go to. it's a question fatsing hundreds of thousands of federal workers because of the shutdown. >> one organization in washington is doing what it can to help out. and abc's shushannah walshe
4:27 am
reports that it's not costing the workers anything. >> sixth and i synagogue is opening their doors to all furloughed workers. calling themselves shutdown central. >> we're happy to give them a space to hang out and get away from the frustration of not being able to work. >> reporter: free food, free yoga classes, free wi-fi, episodes of "the west wing" streaming. and political ping-pong. >> it was day care with ping-pong. and it was fairly great right now. >> reporter: ethan is an attorney with the social security administration. and he called the federal government shutdown absurd. and not getting paid will sting. >> it's a hardship imposed not from any necessity. but from pure legislative obs nance. it's nuts. >> reporter: it's a feeling federal workers, about 800,000 all over the country, are sharing. including kim who works for the
4:28 am
district water and sewer authority. >> i think this battle is childish. it's not what we elected our officials to do. >> reporter: she wants to spend her time exploring d.c. >> and i figure, there's hundreds of thousands of people in the same boat. >> reporter: maggie and janelle work at the department of defense. they have been furloughed. and echo the feelings of so many others, asking why isn't congress doing their job. >> i do my job. they should do their job. >> reporter: it will stay open for the remainder of the shutdown. with the republicans in congress and the president deadlocked, it looks like they could be playing ping-pong for days to come. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." and have a wonderful thursday, everyone.
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>> live from the abc7 broadcast center, this is good morning, washington, on your side. >> straight ahead, day 3 of the government shutdown. we've got the latest between top congressional leaders in the white house. >> one road will be closed in our area, potentially for hours after a deadly accident. good morning, washington, it is thursday, october 3. i'm scott thuman. >> and i'm jummy olabanji. happy thursday to you. we will get rate over to meteorologist jacqui jeras for a check of your forecast. another great day. >> yeah, we will see a difference between yesterday and today. yesterday, we were up to 88 degrees. i think that will be the hottest day of the week. we're still warm today, don't get me wrong, but a few more clouds are starting to role in. of 6 degrees is the temperature at this hour, so it is already comfy. you can see on the satellite picture the clouds that are starting to move in from the west. it says


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